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Class Descriptions


Street Dance:  (For Boys and Girls Ages 6 & up)
Various dances influenced by the rhythms and techniques of funk and hip-hop music.
A high energy, age appropriate, funky hip-hop class.

Ballet (Ages 9 and Up)
Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms. Its meticulous attention to technical detail makes it for any serious dancer. This class consists of barre and center work concentrating on proper technique and body alignment. Ballet terminology is taught. 

Pointe (Ages 12 and Up)
A continuation of ballet on pointe shoes. To be eligible for pointe work, a student must have strong ballet technique, correct body placement, proper physical qualifications, and a self disciplined attitude. A personal evaluation is required plus two ballet classes per week.

Princess Ballet (Ages 3 & 4)
Learn to dance like your favorite princess to princess music. Students will build self confidence and appreciation for dance while learning to express themselves through movement and music. 

Creative Movement (Ages 2 & 3)
Creative Movement is an introduction to dance through imagination and self-expression. This class is designed to develop coordination, rhythm, and flexibility, and also explore the many ways of movement through imagination. It will include a 15-minute session of tumbling.  This class is designed to be fun and promote classroom readiness and does not perform in the June recital.

Combo Class 1 (Ages 4.5 - 6)
ombination dance class offering basic fundamentals of tap and pre ballet. This class is 1 hour. The two subjects are introduced and taught to keep the students interest diverse.  (Combo 1 will perform 1 routine in the June recital - director and instructor will select which subject)

Combo Class 2 (Ages 6-7
A continuation of Combo Class 1. We will continue with basic fundamentals of tap and ballet. This class will offer a 15 minute, introduction to jazz. (Combo 2 will perform 2 routines in the June recital - director and instructor will select which subjects)

Combo Class 3 (Ages 7-8) 
A continuation of combo class 2. (Combo 3 will perform 2 routines in the June recital)

Combo Class 4 (Ages 9-11)
A continuation of Combo Class 3 which will allow us more time for Ballet technique, stretch and across the floor.   (Combo class 4 will perform 3 routines in the June recital)

Jazz and Jazz Funk (Ages 10 and Up)
A stylized form of dance based on fundamental ballet training. The class focuses on proper technique, strength, and flexibility. The class format includes across the floor progressions and combinations. Jazz Terminology is taught.  Jazz Funk adds a flair of Hip Hop to the class with more current music.

Tap-Hop (Ages 11 and Up)
Tap technique is taught through barre and center floor exercises, progressing to combinations in varied rhythms. Tap terminology is taught. Tap dancing develops rhythm, timing, coordination and musicality.

Lyrical  (Ages 10 and up) Contemporary (Ages 12 and up)
Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. Contemporary dance stresses versatility and improvisation, unlike the strict, structured nature of Ballet. Contemporary dancers focus on floorwork, using gravity to pull them down to the floor.  This dance genre is often done in bare feet. Contemporary dance can be performed to many different styles of music.   Contemporary dancers all believed that dancers should have freedom of movement, allowing their bodies to freely express their innermost feelings.   Lyrical dance is similar, however, is danced to music with lyrics to insprire a story or strong emotion.   

Hip-Hop (Ages 12 and Up)
A blend of high-energy, “Street Style” movements, to a variety of current music styles. Technique, strength, and flexibility are taught along with the lasted style of moves. Jazz is required.

Modern (Ages 12 and Up)
Modern dance is a more relaxed, free style form of dance, in which the instructor uses emotions and moods to design their own steps in contrast to Ballet's structured code of steps.  It has a deliberate use of gravity, where as Ballet strives to be light and airy.  Originated in the early 1900's by Isadora Duncan and Ruth St. Dennis.

Irish Step (Ages 5 and Up)
Irish dancing is a type of dance originating in Ireland and is traditionally referred to as STEP DANCE. It became popular in 1994 by the world famous show “River Dance”. It is known for its rapid leg movements while keeping the body and arms stationary. Irish Step offers many benefits including physical fitness, memory, concentration, as well as poise and confidence. Note: (S) = Soft Shoe and (H) = Hard Shoe.

Musical Theater (Ages 5 and Up)
A fun and exciting way to learn about Broadway musicals such as Annie, Lion King, 42nd Street, Sound of Music, Hair Spray, Mary Poppins, and many more. Each week the students will watch a clip or study the story of a musical, learn songs, and be taught a piece of choreography. The students will perform in the Student Production with a medley of songs learned from class.





Dress Code

Choreography Classes
Any Solid Color Leotard
Black Jazz Pants
Black Slip On Jazz Shoes (No Laces)
Black Oxford Tap Shoes
Tan Sandasoles or Bare Foot
Ballet and Pointe
Black Leotard, Pink Tights
Hair in Bun.  Black Boy Cut Shorts
Pink Canvas Split-Sole Ballet Slippers

Pointe shoes to be discussed with Miss Michelle
Black Leotard,  Tan Tights and Black Jazz Pants or Black Boy Cut Shorts
Capezio Tan Flat Split-Sole Tap Shoes
Jazz and Jazz Funk
Black Leotard, Tan Tights,  Black Boy Cut Shorts
Black Slip On Jazz Shoes (No Laces)
Combo Class 1, 2, 3, and 4 
Black Leotard, Pink Tights
Black Jazz Boy Cut Shorts.
Pink Leather  Ballet Slippers
Mary Jane Black Flat Tap Shoes
Combo 4 will Need Black Slip On Jazz Shoes (No Laces)
Irish StepBlack Leotard and Black Shorts.   Whilte Irish SoxGhillies with black bottom soles  Shoes can be purchased at Bridgets Irish Traditions.   Rt. 123 on Main Street.    Norton, MA

Creative Movement & Princess Ballet

Black Leotard and Pink Tights

Creative Movement: Pink Leather Ballet Slippers

Princess Ballet: Pink Leather Ballet Slippers and any Princess Dress

Musical Theater 
Black Leotard, Tan Tights and Black Jazz Pants
Black Slip On Jazz Shoes 
(No Laces)
Black Leotard, Tan convertible Tights and Black Boy Cut Shorts
Tan Slip On Jazz Shoes (No Laces) and Tan foot undies or Bare feet
ModernBlack Leotard, Tan Footlesss Tights and Black Boy Cut ShortsTan Foot undies or Bare feet
Hip-Hop and Street Dance
Black Harem Pants, hip hop pants, or black jazz pants with Black Leotard
Black Hip-Hop Dance Sneaker
ContemporaryBlack Leotard, Tan convertable Tights and Black Boy Cut ShortsBare Feet or Tan Foot Undies


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Class Schedule 2017 - 2018 Season 
Fall Classes Begin Monday September 11, 2017


Combo Classes
Creative Movement
Hip Hop Street Dance
Irish Step
Irish Step Dance Team
Junior Jazz Dance Team
Dance Team Challengers
Senior Jazz Dance Team
Musical Theater
Princess Ballet





IRISH STEP:  (S) = Soft Shoe  (H) = Hard Shoe

Please use this class schedule as a guide.  Classes may be added or subtracted depending on enrollment.  Class placement is up to the director and faculty.




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